April Fool’s Day

April Fool’s Day can be a great time to play a harmless joke on your friends, children or students. Here is a list of kid-friendly April Fool’s pranks. Some of these are also just right for kids wanting to prank their siblings, with a little adult assistance.

Want to sneak something healthy in place of a treat? Take some round chocolate or candy wrappers off of their contents (which you, then get to eat), and wrap them around grapes, cherry tomatoes or even slices of cucumber. Watch the look of surprise! Just make sure not to use on children old enough that choking is no longer a concern.

In years when Easter lands in March, you can save leftover chocolate egg wrappers and fill them with hard-boiled eggs instead.

Trick candy lovers of all ages by gluing candy onto a plate. When offered the treat, nothing will come up in their hands.

Cut several letter “E”s out of brown construction paper. Put in a baking tray and cover with foil. Offer these brownies and enjoy the look of surprise when Brown E’s are there instead. This is also a prank children can take to school to offer their teacher or classmates.

Spring forward…again! Change the clocks forward another hour and let family members scramble to get ready on time.

Put googley eyes on tomatoes, potatoes, apples, berries, or just about any other food they will stick to. Offer up some seafood and they will discover it’s actually “see food.” You can also use frosting to stick them on to sweeten the prank.

Use a small strip of packing tape to tape the light switch in the down position. It will take a few tries before noticing what is keeping the light from turning on.

Cover a sponge with frosting and serve it up as a piece of cake. When trying to cut it with a fork, only the frosting will come off, revealing the gag pretty quickly.

If you’re willing to clean it up yourself afterward, place a small bucket of confetti, plastic spiders, or any other collection of small, lightweight objects that would be harmless, above a door that is ajar. When the door opens, the contents will come down on the unsuspecting opener of the door. While this is traditionally done with water, most people won’t take as kindly to such a wet prank.

When your children are sleeping, sneak into their room and move everything around so it looks completely different. Perhaps even trade furniture or large toys from one child’s room to another. If your children share a room and are very heavy sleepers, you could even try putting them in each other’s beds.

Add some all-natural food dye to your carton of milk and put a home-printed label on it. Get creative with the theme and explain that it is a new brand you are trying out.

To make it more believable, print these labels to add to your milk carton:

Trade the contents of different cereal boxes. Or better yet, put crackers, chips, croutons or nuts into a cereal box. Let your family gasp as they wonder what happened.

Pour cereal and milk into a freezer-safe bowl the night before. Freeze it overnight, then pour a small layer of milk on top, so that the frozen milk isn’t noticeable. Your children will wonder why their spoons bounce right off again.

Make Jello in a clear glass and add a straw before it sets. Offer up this “juice” and your kids will wonder why they can’t sip it up.

Prep your kids toothbrushes for them “to save time,” but in place of toothpaste, put some frosting or cream cheese on them. Even children who might be sensitive to other pranks will probably appreciate this one…and want it repeated every day.

Unscrew the cap from a family member’s soap, shampoo or lotion. Cover the opening with clear plastic wrap. Replace the cap and cut away the excess plastic. They will wonder why a bottle that feels full won’t let anything out.

Roll the toilet paper back a few squares and write a note in marker. This works better if the paper rolls under, so you may want to switch it to that just for April 1st.

Fill your children’s shoes with tissue paper, so they don’t fit. Tell them they must have had a growth spurt overnight! This works especially well if you just fed them something very healthy the night before. If you still have them, fill their closet with clothes a few sizes too small. For children young enough to not notice what clothes they own, laying out old baby clothes can completely convince them they have grown

If you forgot to plan something the night before, there’s still time to play a joke on your kids right before bed. Short sheet their beds while they put on PJs. Tuck the sheets so that when they jump into bed, they can only reach their legs in to the knees. If you don’t want to create a bedtime hassle, set the clock forward fifteen minutes beforehand so that bedtime comes early and you can use that extra time to set the bed right again.