Social Studies

Biography Report

Dress Up Earth

Use this craft to help children remember that the North Pole is Earth’s hat, the South Pole is its shoes, and the Equator is its belt.

Location Nesting Dolls

Use this activity to accompany a lesson on location. Many children struggle to understand how states are “inside” of countries, and cities are “within” states. Discuss your school’s location and have children fill out the lines accordingly. Children color and cut out the dolls, then can staple together to take home.

Historical Interviews

This Social Studies project is a fun way to research influential people in American (or any) history. It includes a rubric, template and a list of possible questions and people to “interview.”

America is a Melting Pot

This activity about American immigrants is great for Thanksgiving or National Immigrants Day (October 28).

Lewis & Clark Journal

This Social Studies project involves writing and research and has 14 different assignments and a grading rubric.

Columbus’ View of the World

Use this craft to help children understand how Christopher Columbus miscalculated the size of the earth, not realizing it was much bigger and had North and South America.


Print this template double-sided, flipping on the short edge. Braille markings are intentionally backwards, so that when pressed with a pencil or paper clip end, they will be raised on the opposite side, facing the correct way.

Morse Code

Teach children about Morse code by having them create and decode messages to each other.

President Report

Students can use this template to research a president as part of a Presidents’ Day class project.