Abraham and Sarah

Long ago, there was a man named Abraham, who loved God very much. God spoke to Abraham and told him He wanted him to live in a new place. God promised to create a whole nation from Abraham’s children’s children’s children.

And He promised that all the other nations of the world would be blessed by Abraham’s family.

God promised Abraham that his family would grow so large, that it would be easier to count grains of sand than it would be to count them.

Many years went by, and Abraham did not have a large family yet. In fact, he did not have one single child! He and his wife Sarah were getting very old. Too old to have children. They were as old as grandparents, or even great-grandparents.

But God spoke to Abraham again. “You will have a son,” He promised. “Look at the night sky. Your family will be so big that trying to count them will be like trying to count the stars. In fact, kings will even come from your family.”

One day, three mysterious People came to visit Abraham. Sarah prepared dinner for them while They sat with Abraham. “I will come back about this time in a year,” One said, “and Sarah will have a baby.”

Sarah overheard this through the tent. She laughed at the thought of having a baby when she was so old.

“Why did she laugh?” He asked Abraham. “I am the Lord, and nothing is impossible for Me.”

Sarah was embarrassed. She didn’t realize it was God who was visiting them.

Just as God had promised, about a year later Sarah and Abraham had a little baby boy. They named him Isaac like God had told them to. They had to have a lot of patience, but in the end it was so worth it!

And just like God promised, the family they started with Isaac would grow to be a great nation. There would be so many, they would spread all over the world. And just like God promised, Abraham’s family would have many kings. Better than that, his family would include the King of Kings. Because God Himself would one day come as another promised baby boy. And just like Isaac, He was well worth the wait!