Easter Week

Looking for an alternative to the usual superficial Easter egg hunt but worried kids won’t find resurrection eggs that interesting? Check out this happy alternative that includes the best of both worlds!

Print this banner onto colored paper and laminate to create a reusable photo backdrop.

Easter Crafts

Use a long, sturdy needle to string together hollowed-out dyed eggs or foam-filled faux ones to create a decorative Easter garland.

Use a ruler and colored pencils to create an Easter drawing. Start from scratch or print this template.

Create an Easter wreath with a paper plate, ribbon, and one of these two templates copied onto cardstock. Cut one of the blank eggs from the first template and trace outlines onto different pieces of fancy paper, or color and cut the decorated eggs from the second template.

Use this template to create an Easter basket with a message. Color and cut out the top eggs, including on the zig-zag line. Staple onto the bottom eggs, and place them in order on the basket to spell out, “He is risen!”

Use these Easter eggs to create a basket craft.

Color and cut two paper plates.

Cut one paper plate in half and glue onto the other, facing so that it pops out.

Cut green paper in very thin zig-zags to make grass, and glue onto the paper plate.

Insert the eggs.

Tape the cross outline below to a piece of cardstock. Use chalk pastels or watercolors to make various color dabs around the edges. Use a cotton ball to stretch them toward the edges of the paper. Remove the cross outline and add a paper heart to the center. Write “He lives” on it.

Cut a color paper plate in the shape shown. Print the Bible verse and tape it behind the bottom of the plate. Take a coffee filter and color with pink, orange and yellow marker. Spray with water and let dry. Tape behind the top part of the plate.