Easter Story Egg Hunt

I love traditional Easter egg hunts (and we know kids love the toys and candy). I also love the idea of a Resurrection egg hunt that connects to the true meaning of Easter (but kids aren’t always that excited about getting a piece of purple cloth in their eggs). So I created this hybrid that includes all the Bible connections through egg contents that children will actually be happy to receive.

Children search for twelve eggs, each numbered 1-12 (this also ensures that the egg hunt doesn’t end with little kids finding three and big kids finding fifty). After they have found them, they open them and hear the story of Easter. Each egg has a candy or toy that tells a part of the story of God’s plan of redemption. The coloring book below is used to guide the story. I have chosen only food items that can be bought pre-wrapped (for all the obvious reasons).

Egg #1: Candy corn to remind us of the Trinity

Egg #2: A bouncy ball to remind us how God created the world

Egg #3: A toy worm or snake to remind us how sin came into the hearts of people

Egg #4: A toy noise-maker to remind us of the Old Testament prophecies of the Messiah

Egg #5: A toy animal to remind us of Jesus’ birth in a manger

Egg #6: A candy fish to remind us of Jesus’ miracles

Egg #7: A spearmint leaf candy to remind us of Palm Sunday

Egg #8: A grape-flavored candy to remind us of the Last Supper

Egg #9: A chocolate kiss wrapped in silver to remind us of Judas’ betrayal

Egg #10: A red Lifesaver to remind us of Jesus’ sacrifice to save our lives (I prefer the gummy ones for little kids)

Egg #11: A hollow chocolate egg OR nothing…to remind us of the empty tomb

Egg #12: A white balloon to remind us of Jesus’ ascension

If you are doing this activity at home with your own family, you may want to substitute some of the items to make them all edible or just based on what treats are easier to find. For example, the toy whistle can be replaced with a Bugle chip, the white balloon can be replaced with a marshmallow, the toy animal can be replaced with an animal cracker, the bouncy ball can be replaced with a gumball and a goldfish and piece of cereal or cracker can be used for the fish and bread.

Print this coloring book double-sided and fold the long way, stapling down the center to create a book that can fit in an egg carton. You may place your church information on the back to connect with families that visit for your egg hunt.