11 Food Hacks You’ll Wish You’d Always Known

Use an Eggshell to Remove a Piece of Eggshell

Have you ever gotten a small piece of eggshell in your mixing bowl and discovered that retrieving it is no easy matter? You try a spoon, a fork, your finger, and it just wiggles away from you in the egg’s liquid. The best way to get it out, though, is to use the remaining piece of the shell, which is naturally immune to that slippery goo.

Use the Last Pistachio Half to Open an “Impossible to Open” Pistachio

Just like eggshells, pistachios solve their own problem. Practically any pistachio can be opened by using another pistachio half shell as a lever.

Pop the Toast Back in the Toaster Oven for a Few More Seconds After Adding Butter

No one likes the sound of butter being scraped across toast. And no one likes having their butterknife dig a small hole in the center of the bread because the cold butter won’t spread. Just let it melt a few seconds in the toaster oven and then your butter is ready to spread easily!

Use a Mixing Spatula for Scrambled Eggs in a Nonstick Pan

Metal spatulas can damage nonstick pans…and nonstick spatulas often lack the force needed to make great scrambled eggs. But a mixing spatula actually will bring about the perfect eggs when used on a nonstick pan.

Use a Soy Sauce Dish to Dip Maple Syrup

When you pour maple syrup onto your pancakes, waffles or French toast, the flavor is there for a minute, but then they start to dry out again as you continue to eat. This often leads to pouring more maple syrup on top (meaning more calories, and more sugar intake). Instead, pour some maple syrup into a soy sauce dish and dip your breakfast directly into it. Each bite will still be just as moist and flavorful as the last!

Keep Your Onions in the Fridge

You don’t have to cry over cut onions. No, really, you don’t. Room temperature onions may cause tears to flow, but chilled ones will not. So remember to pop your onions in the fridge as soon as you bring them home from the store so that you can chop them with clear eyes.

Put Unripe Avocadoes in a Brown Paper Bag

If you want to ripen your avocados faster, place them in a brown paper bag with an apple or banana. They will ripen in a day. If you need an unripe avocado to be edible immediately, wrap it in tin foil, place it in the toaster oven at 200 degrees for about ten minutes, and it will ripen!

Chop Out the Inside of a Pepper First

Pepper seeds can be such a mess on the cutting board. Keep it neat and tidy by simply cutting out a circle at the top of the pepper, just like you were carving a pumpkin, and then toss. The rest of the pepper can be chopped as you need it.

Use a Grater to Salvage Burnt Cookies

Getting cookies to come out just right is hard. So when you mess up, don’t toss those delicious treats you worked so hard to make! Just carefully grate the bottoms with a cheese grater to keep only the yummy part.

Use an Ice Cream Scooper to Get Just the Right Amount of Muffin Mix in the Tray

Muffins are one of the happiest foods in existence. But making sure the batter goes just in the slots and not all over the place can be tricky. An ice cream scooper is the perfect tool to scoop neither too much nor too little.

Keep Recipe Portions Printed on Food Containers

Do you have your go-to recipes you cook each week and keep dry goods in bulk containers? Once you figure out exactly how much of the brand’s recipe you use for your own family (2/3 of what the pasta box suggests, one and a half times what the bag of rice suggests, etc.) you can keep that information handy by including it either on the containers you transfer items to (nothing beats glass jars!) or fixed to the pantry shelf where the items get stored.