Reading Level 4

Teaching Reading Level 4

Before beginning Level 4, children should be able to:

❖Recognize and say the names of all the letters

❖Make primary consonant sounds

❖Read two-letter long-vowel words

❖Read short-vowel CVC (consonant-vowel-consonant) words

❖Read Digraphs CH, TH, SH, CK

The goals at this fourth level are for children to be able to:

❖Blend consonants

❖Read vowel diphthongs

❖Transition between uppercase and lowercase letters

❖Know the different sounds letters and letter combinations can make, remember the rules for which sound is more likely based on the other letters in the word, and experiment with different pronunciations when more than one rule can apply

❖Important Reminder❖

The phonics rules for reading and spelling overlap in many areas but are very different in others. Children will have more success with both reading and spelling if the phonics rules for reading are mastered before phonics rules for spelling are taught. Teaching reading and spelling phonics rules simultaneously can cause confusion.

Lesson 1: Alphabet/Sight Word AND Review

Lesson 2: Long Vowel/Sight Word THE Review

Lesson 3: Short Vowel/Sight Word YOU Review

Lesson 4: FLOSS Words/Sight Word TO Review

Lesson 5: Hard S/Sight Word HAVE Review

Lesson 6: Adding S/Sight Word OF Review

Lesson 7: Adding ES/Sight Word WAS Review

Lesson 8: CK/Sight Word SAID Review

Lesson 9: CH/Sight Word SAYS Review

Lesson 10: SH/Sight Word DO Review

Lesson 11: TH/Sight Word DOES Review

Lesson 12: Hard TH/Sight Word WHAT Review

Lesson 13: QU Review

Lesson 14: WH Review

Lesson 15: Sight Word ARE

Lesson 16: Apostrophe + S

Lesson 17: Two-Syllable Words

Lesson 18: Compound Words

Lesson 19: Sight Word FOR

Lesson 20: Blend BL

Lesson 21: Blend BR

Lesson 22: Blend CL

Lesson 23: Blend CR

Lesson 24: Blend DR

Lesson 26: Sight Word FROM

Lesson 27: Blend FL

Lesson 28: Blend GL

Lesson 29: Blend GR

Lesson 30: Blend PL

Lesson 31: Blends PR & TW

Lesson 32: Sight Word ONE

Lesson 33: Blend SK

Lesson 34: Blend SC

Lesson 35: Blend SL

Lesson 36: Blend SM

Lesson 37: Blend SN

Lesson 38: Sight Word TWO

Lesson 39: Blend TR

Lesson 40: Blend SP