Habitat Report

This fun project includes a list of habitats and a rubric for grading.

Animal Report

This fun project includes a rubric for grading.

Mineral and Rock Report

This project includes a rubric for grading and pages for 30 different rocks and minerals, plus one blank to choose your own rock/mineral.

What’s the Matter?

To teach children about the types of matter, fold a large paper into three sections.

Have children draw an object of their choice under SOLID, a water line in the middle of LIQUID, and nothing below GAS.

Give children pieces of paper to fill up their types of matter, packing them together tightly in the solid, loosely below the line for liquid and scrambled all over for gas.

Or, print this template:

Food Chain/Web

Use this template to do a hands-on lesson on food chains and webs.

Cloud Types

When introducing cloud types, this fun cotton ball project is a great way to give children hands-on learning.

To help children remember which type of cloud is which, use these examples:

Cumulus sounds like cute.

Stratus sounds like stretched out.

Cirrus sounds like circus (where you get cotton candy that looks like cirrus clouds).

To make the stratus clouds, tug gently at the cotton ball to find the end. Slowly unravel it until you have a ribbon of cotton.