Long Division Template

Print this template and place in a plastic sleeve to help children learn long division.

Division Vocabulary

Keep this poster up in your classroom and recite it regularly to help children remember division vocabulary.

Egg Carton Division

Children often struggle with the division concept of how many times a number “can go into” another number. To help them make sense of this, create tangible ways for numbers to actually “go into” other numbers with egg cartons.

Start by trimming the tops off an egg carton to make it easier for other cartons to fit on top of it.

Cut other egg cartons into ones, twos, threes, fours and sixes. Have children experiment with these to find the answers to 12÷1, 12÷2, 12÷3, 12÷4 and 12÷6.

Cut off the last two slots of another egg carton to have a set of ten slots. Cut other cartons into 10 ones, 5 twos, and 2 fives. Have children experiment with these in the same way to find the answers to 10÷1, 10÷2, and 10÷5.

Once children have grasped the concept of how many times a number can go into another number evenly, introduce combinations that will not fit completely. Demonstrate with a carton of twelve slots and three fives that five can go into twelve twice, but will have three slots hanging over the edge if a third is added. What doesn’t fit is the remainder.

Have children experiment with egg cartons to find the answers to 10÷6, 10÷4, 10÷3, 12÷5, 12÷7, 6÷4, and 5÷2.