Math Games

Triangle Fact Families Game

Use this fun game to help children practice addition/subtraction and multiplication/division fact families.

Fractions Games

Multiplication Games

Domino War

Grab some dominoes and turn them all over.

Split them into two even piles.

Line them up in rows facing each other.

Together, call out, “I declare war!” and flip over the domino at the front of each pile.

Each player must say their math sentence fully:

“Five times zero equals zero.”

“Five times five equals twenty-five.”

The player with the higher product takes both dominoes and moves them to the back of their row.

When matching dominoes are flipped over, players can choose double- or triple-war, winner taking all.

The game ends when one player has acquired all the dominoes (or when it’s time for the next subject😎).

Division Games

Print these games onto cardstock to help children practice their division facts while having fun.