Use these fractions posters in your classroom to help children remember fractions rules:

Print, cut out and laminate these pizzas to help children grasp the concept of fractions through play. Have children design their own pizzas on the blank pages to cut out and play with.

Fractions Games

Adding & Subtracting Fractions Honeycomb Game

Around the Block Improper Fractions to Mixed Numbers Game

Puzzle Board Fractions

To help children understand fractions, find a board puzzle, preferably with 10-12 pieces.

Paint the pieces different colors.

Demonstrate how each piece added is 1/12, 2/12, 3/12, and so on.

A fraction like 2/7 is often read, “two out of seven,” but this phrasing can feel confusing to many children when fractions are being introduced. One way to help students understand how the numerator is “out of” the denominator is to literally take it “out of” something physically.

Place a group of items into a basket. Ask how many are there (7). Explain that the basket of seven represents the denominator on the bottom.

Ask a child to pick up two out of the seven items and hold them over the basket. This represents the numerator on top. Because the part is being pulled “out of” the whole, the part is written above the whole.