Earth Day Read-Alouds

Looking for the perfect Earth Day book to read? Whether it’s a stand-alone read-aloud or an introduction to a topic of study, here are some of my favorites:

Care for Our World is written in rhyme and encourages readers to care for all creatures, from all over the globe.

The Lorax classic is one of the most popular choices for Earth Day. The Lorax reminds readers of the dangers of deforestation.

It’s Earth Day follows a young boy trying to save the earth all on his own, then learning it is a team effort.

This classic children’s book is a great reminder of how much nature provides for us, and how no matter how much we have, we will always want more.

The Earth Book offers kid-friendly ways to help the earth, in simple sentences.

I Am Earth introduces children to the basic concepts of earth science and encourages them to be environmentally conscious.

Zonia’s Rain Forest tells the story of a girl living in the Amazon rain forest. When the forest needs her help, she must decide how to respond.

This twist on the Eric Carle/Bill Martin Jr. classic, Brown Bear, Brown Bear, introduces children to several endangered species. It is a great book to read before teaching about these animals.

Ocean’s Child shares the joys of the Alaskan seacoast and all its beauty.

Blue Floats Away only discusses climate change in the author’s notes, instead focusing mainly on the water cycle. However, it can be a great way to introduce the issues that affect ice bergs.