Falling Into Fall

Getting Your Home Ready for Fall

Change the batteries in your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.

Re-stock your emergency kit.

Check your medicine cabinet for expired medicines.

Plant your spring bulbs.

Re-seed your lawn.

If you have ceramic or clay pots, bring them indoors. If they are too big, empty them, or they can crack when they freeze.

Clean your air conditioner and cover the top so that falling leaves don’t get stuck inside.

Take in outdoor cushions before they get wet and freeze.

Getting Your Car Ready for Fall

Summer was fun, and now your car is showing how much fun you had. Once you’re done with sand for the year, it’s time for a thorough interior cleaning. Vacuum your car from top to bottom. Take out the car seats and remove the lining to throw it in the washing machine. Hose the seats down to get them thoroughly clean. If you can, treat yourself to a super interior clean job at the car wash. It makes for a well-deserved twice-a-year treat.

Scheduling Fall

Don’t let fall fly by without getting in all the activities (and yummies) that will make this season special for you. Make a list at the start of the season and keep it up somewhere visible so that you can use it to guide your weekend plans.

Schedule your holiday time-off from work now, before you get edged out by your co-workers.

Fall with Kids

Toss those sand toys into the dishwasher to get all the nooks and crannies. But don’t pack them away yet! They make for great fun in the snow, too!

Set up a cozy homework station and plan what your children’s after-school routine will look like. Try creating a checklist and laminating it so your children can mark it off with a dry-erase marker each afternoon.