Beginning of the Year

My Strongest Suit

Use this fun activity to help children remember that everyone has a different strongest suit…and a different weakest suit.

Use this fun ice-breaker activity to help children start conversations about their summers.

My Class Books

This is a great activity for the first week of school. Children can keep these books in their binders (behind the same tab as their class schedule and class rules), on their shelves or in their desks, and can refer to them throughout the year to review what they learned about their teacher and classmates at the beginning of the year.

Start by having each child draw a picture of their entire class, including themself and the teacher.

Spend time with each child individually, getting to know them and letting them get to know you as they fill out this page.

On the first day (of this activity), have each child draw a picture of themselves in this box and answer the first two lines. Make copies for each other student. Over the course of the first week, have each child meet with each of their classmates to fill out the second two lines in their book for that classmate. This is a great page to refer back to throughout the year to remember how to best get along with a classmate when troubles arise.