Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day Banner

Print (and laminate if desired) this banner to add to a photo backdrop for Mother’s Day.

Mother’s Day Crafts

Mother’s Day Card Craft

Print this template double-sided (flipping on the long edge) and cut in half to separate cards. Children make flower petals with fingerprints in paint.

Tissue Flower Craft

Print this page on cardstock and punch holes at the top of the page, about 1.5 inches apart. Draw stems and leaves from the bottom to each hole. Cut tissue paper into 3″x3″ squares and pull through each hole, taping in the back.

Thumbprint Necklace

Pop-Up Tulip Card

Make this fun pop-up card for mom.

First, choose two colors of paper. Cut at least two pieces of each color into 2″x2″ squares. Fold in half to cut into a tulip shape. Separate all pieces.

Next, keeping the tulip pieces folded in half, glue them together so that different colors touch and it opens up like a fan.

Last, cut a stem and leaves out of green paper and glue into the center. Add a special message on the front and/or inside of the card.

Daisy Photo Card

This card makes a great keepsake with a child’s picture for mom.

Start by taking a photo of the child holding something. Print and cut it out, gluing onto color cardstock.

Then, cut one or two colors of paper into thin slices. Glue the ends together.

Next, cut a circle out of yellow paper, about 2″ diameter. Glue all the paper loops onto the back in a spiral. If using more than one color for the petals, overlap the second color after the first color has been placed all around.

Last, flip the circle over and glue onto the cardstock with liquid glue. Place above green piece for stem, and position so it looks like the child is holding the flower.

Framed Flowers Gift

Add a touch of nature to your gift with this fun project.

Draw a frame and tree outline onto a pieces of cardboard and cut it out with a utility knife or open scissors.

Place lines of packing tape across the back, lining them up so that they do not overlap more than a fraction of an inch.

Place freshly picked flowers onto the tape.

Complete the frame by covering the tape ends with a colorful ribbon or this template, printed onto color cardstock: