Valentines Day

Check out these step-by-step directions for making fun paper Valentines:

Print these pages onto color paper, punch holes into each side of the top and string yarn through to create a Valentines banner:

Print these onto colored cardstock and cut out to attach to coffee stir sticks or craft sticks to create photo booth props for Valentine’s Day.

Or do the same with this color version onto white cardstock:

Valentines Cards

Children can make their own cards with these printable templates:

Valentines Crafts

Pop-Up Tulip Card

Make this fun pop-up card for mom.

First, choose two colors of paper. Cut at least two pieces of each color into 2″x2″ squares. Fold in half to cut into a tulip shape. Separate all pieces.

Next, keeping the tulip pieces folded in half, glue them together so that different colors touch and it opens up like a fan.

Last, cut a stem and leaves out of green paper and glue into the center. Add a special message on the front and/or inside of the card.

Tissue Flower Craft

Print this page on cardstock and punch holes at the top of the page, about 1.5 inches apart. Draw stems and leaves from the bottom to each hole. Cut tissue paper into 3″x3″ squares and pull through each hole, taping in the back.

Valentine’s Wreaths

Cut several pieces of colored paper into 1.5″ strips, horizontally.

Fold the pieces as seen and staple a half inch in.

Staple hearts together and hole punch two toward the top to run a string through.

Cut out a heart from cardstock and place the outside border onto another piece of cardstock, taping the edges to keep it in place.


Cut a heart outline from contact paper and place onto a canvas.

Squirt different colors of paint along the top of the heart.

Take a piece of cardstock and slowly drag the paint downward.

Let paint completely dry before removing the heart outline.