Travel Tips

Planning for Travel

Create an online spreadsheet that you can access on your phone. Don’t forget to plan times for meals and travel. You can insert addresses and price information. Move each section around as needed until you find the schedule that will make the best use of your time. This will be easier to visualize than just adding items to your calendar, especially during the initial stage of planning a trip.

If you are going home to visit friends and family, you can create a similar sheet to share with people you home to visit so they can see where to pencil themselves in. This way, you don’t have to constantly exchange messages one when you are or aren’t already booked.

Click on this link for a template to copy:

Packing Like a Pro

You can make one list of everything that might need to be packed for all types of trips. A spreadsheet is best for this, as it allows you to highlight the boxes under each column to show if the item needs to be packed for that type of trip.

This also includes a list for planning out what you will want to wear each day to avoid over-packing:

Keep your packing list inside a plastic sleeve in your suitcase all the time so that you can visualize what needs to go into it. Cut apart each section of the list and do the same, so that your toiletries list gets kept inside your toiletries bag, and so on.

Here is a checklist to get you going with your own personal packing list:

packedrepackedClothes:packedrepackedToiletries:packedrepackedPurse/Tote Bag:packedrepackedHealth:
bags with clothes by daytoothbrushpassport & copyfirst-aid ointment
hiking clothestoothpastetravel documentsbandages
gym clothesdental flosscell phonefeminine hygiene productions & medication
sweaterssoaplaptop/tableheadache medication
dress clothesdeodorantcameratravel nausea medication
brasshampooemergency contacts on paperindigestion medication
underwearconditionerelectronic chargerspain reliever
t-shirtshair brushhealth informationcough drops
dress shirtshair styling toolsplug adapterprescriptions
jeansface soaptissuesvitamins
cargo pantslotionlip balminsect repellent
shortssunscreenreading materialinsect bite remover
swimsuitcontact lenses & solutionheadphonesthermometer
swim cover-upshaving suppliestravel blanketsore muscle wrap
coatmakeuptravel pillowcold medicine
hatsmakeup removereye mask
glovesnail clippersear plugs
scarvesnail filedisinfecting wipes
pop-up laundry baskettweezerssnacks
snow bootschange of clothes
hiking sneakersrefillable water bottle
flip-flopshand sanitizer
indoor slippersgum
dress shoescash
beltsface masks
tiesnotepad & pen

Buy miniature zipper laundry bags (the kind sold for washing delicates). Attach a plastic ID holder with a safety pin. Inside each holder, insert an index card with the day of the week written on it. Pack each day’s clothes separately. You can easily find the clothes you want to wear in the morning and return them when they are dirty. This beats using a large laundry bag for all your dirty clothes, as they never seem to fit in a suitcase as well as when they were folded clean, (no, your dirt doesn’t take up that much space, it’s just an inconvenient way to re-pack and makes the end of a trip feel like even more of a downer).

And, of course, if you’re handy with a needle and feel the need to go all out, you can also embroider them.

If you’re going to have access to laundry where you’re staying, bring a small pop-up laundry basket and detergent strips.

Frustrated by necklaces getting all tangled when you pack? Follow these steps:

  1. Lie the necklace across a paper towel, letting the ends hang off.
  2. Roll the paper towel 2-3 times, then fold the ends of the necklace back inside and roll it the rest of the way.
  3. Fold the paper towel in half and secure with a piece of tape or a twist tie.

If you travel frequently keep your toiletries packed all the time. Buy an extra hairbrush, bath sponge, etc. to keep packed year-round.

If you are flying, get a compact toiletry bag with refillable containers for shampoo, conditioner, body soap, and face soap.

If you are driving (and especially if you are staying in a house instead of a hotel), consider using a shower caddy instead. You can keep full-size products inside for the whole family. Just grab it from the trunk when you arrive at your destination and bring it straight inside.

Pack a bottle of wrinkle spray. Just spray onto clothes, pull them down, and let the wrinkles fade away.

Traveling With Children

Consider getting a foldable travel booster seat for children who have outgrown their car seat. Often, parents traveling with booster-sized children will simply chance it with a regular seat belt. But with a portable booster that can easily fit into a child’s backpack, keeping safety first no longer means having to lug around a large and heavy seat.

Get some travel wheels for your child’s car seat. These foldable attachments are compact enough to fit into the outside zipper of a suitcase. Simply hook your child’s car seat onto it (they will have the ride of their life being dragged around the airport like a piece of luggage), then have them ride on the plane with their car seat in the plane seat. No more trudging through the airport carrying a heavy seat in one hand while dragging a crying toddler with the other.

Keep a Holiday Tradition Box

Do you often spend certain holidays traveling to visit family (or warmer weather)? To make sure you don’t lose the magic of the season, create a special box that can be easily packed up (or put down as decoration in the middle of the room the years when you dont travel) that includes all the special items you want to have ready to go. This may include stockings, books, movies, games and keepsakes.