The Pumpkin Gospel

Print this book template to create a take-home book children can make as part of a Pumpkin Gospel demonstration.

Supplies: one large pumpkin, candle and lighter or flashlight/battery-operated electric candle, pumpkin carving knife (small and jagged), large garbage bag, paper towels, wet wipes.

Have children color and cut the outlines of their pumpkins ahead of time.

When you carve the pumpkin, have children cut the top off the pumpkin on the third page.

When you take out the seeds, wipe them dry with paper towels and have children glue them onto the fourth page.

When you scrape out the slime, give small bits to children to glue onto the fifth page.

Children can draw/cut the sixth and seventh page as an alternative to the faces provided.

Glue yellow tissue paper or metallic gold paper behind the seventh page after cutting out the face.

Holepunch the first and last pages to attach a ribbon to tie the book closed.