Place Value Skyscrapers

Print the Place Value Skyscrapers template and have children color and cut them out along the columns of 1s, 10s, etc.

Give each child a sentence strip (or long piece of cardstock) and a standard die. Students write “ones,” “tens,”…”millions” across the sentence strip. Students roll the die to choose how many of each place value to keep.

For example, if a student rolls 3, 4, 6, 5, 1, 2, 5, their number will be 3,465,125.

The student will then cut out 3 of the millions boxes (keeping them all together), 4 of the hundred thousands boxes, and so on.

Students glue, tape or staple the boxes above the appropriate place value. Each place value now has a skyscraper, each with different numbers of stories. Students can use construction paper to add a pointy roof to their buildings.

Let students display their city skylines, noting how each one has a different combination of building heights.