May 2022

Here is what is new at Teach Grow Sow for May.

New in Teaching:

Use these hundreds charts to help children visualize relationships between numbers as they practice adding and subtracting numbers.

Use these games to help reinforce fractions.

Free, printable short O phonics worksheets for four weeks of daily lessons.

Use this sign by your door to remind children of hallway walking rules. Have them repeat each line after you before exiting the classroom together. For younger grades, sing this call and response to the tune of the folk song, “We’re Going on a Bear Hunt”:

We’re going in the hallway. We’re going in the hallway. (As children line up.)

We’re facing forward. We’re facing forward. (Motion forward with hands.)

Our hands are to ourselves. Our hands are to ourselves. (Fold hands or cross over chest like mummy.)

Our lips are closed. Our lips are closed. (Sung in a whisper, children purse their lips for the word “closed.”)

Check out this page for Mother’s Day ideas. Crafts and activities are being added regularly.

New in Children’s Ministry:

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